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Suit Up For Launch With Shay!

Sharon Caples McDougle (Illustrated by Cristielle Pimenta)

Suit Up for Launch with Shay!

The perfect gift for your little ones!!! Suit Up for Launch with Shay! is a fun and interesting children’s book written by first time author Sharon Caples McDougle. Children (and adults!) will learn about the suit astronauts wear when they launch into space. McDougle worked with the launch/entry spacesuits with the Space Shuttle Program suiting up astronauts for 22 years. She will walk you through a typical suit up and answer many of the questions asked by children…. Why do astronauts wear the suit? Why is it orange? What is it made of? How long does it take to put it on? How do you go to the bathroom in it? Come along with Shay to get the answers to these questions and more as she learns about the orange spacesuit astronauts wear as you prepare to suit up for your adventure! Let’s get ready to Suit Up for Launch with Shay! in 5….4...3...2...1…Blast Off

Suit Up for launch with Shay! can be purchased on Amazon at:

Book can also be purchased directly from the author by sending payment ($15 each) and your contact info to CashApp $SharonMcDougle

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